Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Being a sap... and loving every minute of it.


I could give excuses on why I haven't been illustrating or blogging but really there is never a good one. Since June it's been a rush - moving to NYC back then seems not too long ago, and yet here we are in Mid-March! I have explored little, worked plenty, and commuted back and forth to Philadelphia for the lovely man in my illustration. It's a little sketch of my boyfriend and I - it is a tad bit messy and totally tacky; however, I adore it and it has giving me the push to begin illustrating again. Daily I receive inspiration, but the most difficult part of it is keeping the inspiration mojo for when I get home around 7 o'clock, and the inspiration can't spill onto paper quite yet, there are still errands to run, bills to pay, gym equipment for me to force myself on - oh - and dinner. Welcome to the real world, college grad.  No need to worry. I am almost a year in, and I hope with my grasp on "real world" responsibilities I will be able to also provide the interweb with some AshMiles originals. 

Feel free always to send me suggestions or things you'd love to see