Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Be Our Miracle | Medical Expenses - YouCaring.com

Be Our Miracle | Medical Expenses - YouCaring.com

Nadine Sfeir, a wonderful friend of mine, needs your help! Nadine's battle with cancer hasn't been easy, but through it all she has always put others before herself. Now her family needs the help more than ever with her new treatment that insurance will not cover. Please donate your time by sending her positive vibes, and any amount of money you can spare. Really anything you can do will make a difference for her and her family.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Being a sap... and loving every minute of it.


I could give excuses on why I haven't been illustrating or blogging but really there is never a good one. Since June it's been a rush - moving to NYC back then seems not too long ago, and yet here we are in Mid-March! I have explored little, worked plenty, and commuted back and forth to Philadelphia for the lovely man in my illustration. It's a little sketch of my boyfriend and I - it is a tad bit messy and totally tacky; however, I adore it and it has giving me the push to begin illustrating again. Daily I receive inspiration, but the most difficult part of it is keeping the inspiration mojo for when I get home around 7 o'clock, and the inspiration can't spill onto paper quite yet, there are still errands to run, bills to pay, gym equipment for me to force myself on - oh - and dinner. Welcome to the real world, college grad.  No need to worry. I am almost a year in, and I hope with my grasp on "real world" responsibilities I will be able to also provide the interweb with some AshMiles originals. 

Feel free always to send me suggestions or things you'd love to see


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gordy getting spooooked.

Co worker gave me a gourd for Halloween. I turned it into Gordy... the scared gourd.