Monday, March 28, 2011

Disco Lady revised

After spending time today cleaning up my drawings even more. I realized that I was not in love with my original disco lady (See below in early post for the 60's/70's spread.) I decided to redraw her. The drawing still needs some work. Anyway... please let me know what you think.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

work in progress

Ah, so with sunshine comes an overdue update on the bloggy. I have been working on my senior thesis which is aimed towards depicting the courting process and how it has changed over each decade since 1940 till now. 

Below is my original thumbnail. As you can see there are 5 spreads. 

Originally, I was designing with backgrounds in mind, but after focusing on another client I realized that concept did not align with their look. Instead I decided to focus on making characters with strong line and a washy color to give a "sketchy" almost notebook look to the illustrations.

Below is spread 1 and is still in progress. This is the only spread that will be done in gray, black and white instead of black line with color. Remember you can click on any of the images to see them enlarged. 

Spread 2. Love birds... awww. Well this spread has an example on the left of how I envision the color to be on the rest of the spreads, however the line is not correct on either of these illustrations and a lot of work needs to be done to both.

Spread 3. Time to get groovvvvy. Line is getting close to how I see it on the left, but again a lot of work needs to be done to both in order to clean them up.

Spread 4.  Can you name the movie that inspired the eighties wardrobe? Hope so! Anyways, the line work mainly needs to be cleaned up on this spread.

  Spread 5.  "Herro, pretty girl I'm over here." Too bad she's occupied making kissy faces for her profile picture. This spread is pretty clean but maybe more thick line could be applied around the faces to gain some attention from the rest of their bodies. 

In the end, there will be an article and text on each of these spreads going into further detail facts about how the courting process has changed along with relationships. These pieces will be printed out on magazine paper like an article and distributed at my senior show. So mark those calendars, because it is on May 14th at Moore and I expect to see you all there!