Monday, April 12, 2010

a brief look at the past.

greetings. while listening to wxpn 88.5, yes the "old fashioned" radio, i felt it was a good idea to post some of my old work until the projects i am working on are complete. the two i have chosen to upload today are from my first semester of my sophmore year at moore.

"bear market," ink and oil.
produced for a project to personification of animals.
i choose to play off the bad economy so i used an angry stock market broker bear.
worked considering bear market refers to a declining market.

"rootz," ink and oil.
produced for a project that needed to incorporate an eggbeater.
i used the egg beater and transformed in to a tree in a lonely atmosphere.
it has an eerie future without humans feel to it.

i am in love with these next piece I am about to show. it is a photograph and advertisement created by saatchi&saatchi. this company speaks directly to anyone who views their ads. kevin roberts, the worldwide ceo of the company presses the fact that the company focuses on connecting relationships between the consumer and the product.

love the ad? check out the book entitled "lovemarks," by kevin roberts. it is a childrens' book for adults, and literally will make your mouth water with the design that fills up the pages. the book is around $100 for a new copy but amazon has great prices on new and used copies of the book. i bought one from amazon, and it has been a great investment.

i need to get back to work, it has been a pleasure blogworld. until next time, best.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


greetings. i am unfamiliar with how to start a blog off, however i will give my best attempt. i am a BFA candidate in illustration at moore college of art and design. i am currently in my second semester of my junior year in the illustration program at moore, and have recently decided to minor in business as well. i will be using this blog as a device to connect with other illustrators as well as anyone who is interested in the field of advertising. i will be uploading my work in addition to work i aspire to. please feel free to contact me if you are interested in my work, or if you have suggestions on how to improve it. i realize i have a great deal of room to grow as an artist, and look forward to the adventure.

with this being said here are two pieces of my most recent work:

"nightscare," acrylic. produced for a night scene project.
the reproduction of this is slightly on the pathetic side.
if anyone could give me recommendations on how to photograph or scan an image
with texture and glare i'd appreciate it.

"paint it red," acrylic. produced for a family themed story.
the story being about my brother & i doing what we did best...
getting into trouble.

i would love any feedback on these two pieces. if you do not feel comfortable leaving remarks on here, use my email --> now on to a piece of work that i admire.

"green street," ami plasse.
i am in love with his graphic style.
not to mention, his characters are hysterical and brilliant.

be sure to check out ami plasse's website and his other fabulous pieces of work. as for me, i will need to get back to attending my junior thesis project and children book. i will be sure to post sketches of my progress throughout. until then, best.